Responsible Vendor Program Training and Certification

Sepal Consulting and Cannabis Training has suspended all classes at this time.  Thank you so much to all of the Businesses that have supported us over the years.  If you have any questions or concerns please email us at [email protected] If you need a copy of your Responsible Vendor Training Certification the education platform will remain available. Go to , log in and retrieve your Certification from your account. Thanks again and take care!


State approved training for licensees, managers and employees in Colorado's cannabis industry.

Our State Approved Course Curriculum

Curious what you'll learn in our program? Below is an outline of the six course modules and a brief description of the topics we'll cover in each.  The course will last four hours.

Monthly Webinar Class

$99 per student

On-Site and Webinar Classes

Starting at $990 (1-10 students)

Responsible Vendor Training Introduction

We start the day by providing an introduction to Colorado's Responsible Vendor Program, an overview of the training, expectations, responsibilities and certification requirements. Other topics covered include:

√  RVTP Regulations

√  RVTP Renewal Responsibility

Identification and Effects on the Human Body

In module two, we look at the roles of the different Colorado government entities including the MED and the Colorado Licensing Authority. We'll cover the difference between medical and retail Marijuana as well as Marijuana's effect on the human body. Other topics covered include:

√  Patient Registry Cards

√  Registry Card restrictions

√  Documentation to purchase

√  Acceptable Identification

√  How to check IDs

√  Purchase restrictions

Laws and Rules for Licensees and Employees

Module three covers the statutory and regulatory requirements for both employees and owners. Owners are often referred to as a Licensee. We will discuss license requirements, renewal periods, and types of licenses. Other topics covered in Module three include:

√  Store licensing Requirements

√  Plant Count Restrictions

√  On-Premise Conduct

√  Penalties and Liabilities

√  Types of Violations

√  Potential Violation Fees

"If you think compliance is expensive - try non-compliance."

- Former U.S. Deputy Attorney General Paul McNulty

Proper Handling, Labeling and Sale of Marijuana

In this module you will learn about Marijuana packaging requirements for a variety of items. We'll also discuss proper labeling, handling and transportation of cannabis products. Other topics we'll cover include:

√  Sales Tax Requirements

√  Privacy Issues and Requirements

√  Health and Safety Requirements

√  Weighting Requirements 

√  Discounts, Coupons, free Goods

√  Surveillance Requirements

Inventory Tracking and Reporting using METRC

In this module you will learn about METRC, an end to end tracking and tracing system for marijuana plants and products. METRC was specifically designed for government agencies in charge of legalized marijuana enforcement. Topics included in this module include:

√  Purpose of METRC

√  Required training for METRC/Tagline

√  METRC Compliance and Regulation

√  RFID Tags- Plant tracking

√  Daily Sales Reporting

√  Inventory reconciliation

Responsible Vendor Certification

We wrap up the day with a review session on everything we've learned throughout the day.  We also cover next steps for employees and licensees.

√  Responsible Vendor Certification Exam

√  Responsible Vendor Training Survey

Need more information? Download our Designated Responsible Vendor Guide.