Sepal Cannabis Consulting and Training

Sepal Cannabis Training and Consulting is a Colorado MED approved Responsible Vendor Program Trainer.

Sepal has been Consulting and Training in Colorado since 2010 and has an approved Curriculum for the Responsible Vendor Certification Course that is recommended by the state and mandated by the state for the State Hospitality and Delivery Permits.

What is Responsible Vendor Training?

Responsible Vendor training is a comprehensive in-person course covering critical aspects of Colorado laws for the marijuana industry. It is conducted by Approved Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED providers, like Sepal Cannabis Trainers.

As an individual, becoming Sepal Certified as Responsible Vendor can give you a leg up over other job candidates. As a Licensee, being Designated a Responsible Vendor by the State can be a MITIGATING FACTOR when facing penalties or fines by the State.

Meet our Responsible Vendor Trainers

  • Gretchen Gentry

    Gretchen Gentry is a Colorado native and one who has worked in the complicated and challenging marijuana industry since 2010. Acting as an independent consultant she has advised licensees and local officials alike on the contradictory and ever changing cannabis laws.

  • Miranda Colosimo

    Miranda Colosimo has worked in and grown with the industry and all of its changes over the years. Coming from a industry family, she is well educated in the compliance challenges that company owners and employees encounter on a regular basis.