MED Approved Responsible Vendor Program Training and Certification

Sepal Consulting and Cannabis Training has suspended all classes at this time.  Thank you so much to all of the Businesses that have supported us over the years.  If you have any questions or concerns please email us at [email protected] If you need a copy of your Responsible Vendor Training Certification the education platform will remain available. Go to , log in and retrieve your Certification from your account. Thanks again and take care!

Don't wait until you get a violation!

Train and certify your employees in one of our Monthly classes or schedule your own Private On-site or Webinar class today. On-Line classes coming soon! Avoid violations, qualify for your State Delivery Permit and earn your MED Responsible Vendor Program Designation.  

Monthly Webinar Classes

$99.00 per student

On-Site and Webinar Classes

Starting at $990 (1-10 students)


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Why Being a Designated Responsible Vendor Matters

Becoming an MED designated Responsible Vendor enables you to...

What is the Responsible Vendor Designation?

Getting your license is only a step in the process. If you want to protect your employees and your business you need to become a Designated Responsible Vendor.   

Many licensees we speak with have heard of the Responsible Vendor designation but very few actually know what it means. This is mostly because of the confusing nature of the designation and without it, your business could face higher fines and penalties than a competitor’s business that is a designated Responsible Vendor.


Sepal Consulting recognized this confusion early on which is why we became one of the first MED approved Responsible Vendor training providers in the state of Colorado. With our entire staff based in Colorado we know and understand our customer’s needs and more importantly the laws they need to follow.       

In order for your business to be recognized as a Designated Responsible Vendor, you must have all of your employees certified within the first 90 days and then re-certified at specific intervals thereafter.

This is where Sepal Cannabis Training comes in. We provide the necessary training to your employees so they can become certified Responsible Vendors.  Once all of your employees are certified, your business is now considered a Designated Responsible Vendor.   

To help you meet the Designated Responsible Vendor laws, we offer regular monthly training sessions for your employees. We will even come to your location to conduct the training if it’s more convenient for you.        

In order to start the process of becoming a Designated Responsible Vendor, click the button below to enroll in our next monthly course.  

If you are interested in having Sepal Cannabis Trainers conduct the training on-site for all or a group of your employees at once, at a reduced rate, click this link to our Contact Us page and leave us the details.  

We’ll take care of the rest.

Certification is Easier Than You Think

"They Rocked! Knowledgable and helpful. Fun, easy going personalities made it a comfortable environment for learning."

- Responsible Vendor Training Attendee

Why INVEST in the Responsible Vendor Designation

Many licensees don’t know they need Responsible Vendor training. Worse, they don’t realize that in order to become a Designated Responsible Vendor they must have ALL employees, including owners and managers, who handle or sell Marijuana complete the Responsible Vendor certification course.

As a result, they often come to us AFTER they have been notified of a violation.


Licensees who are found to be in violation of State laws are subject to penalties and fines. These penalties and fines can be very high and in a few cases the State and some cities have mandated the Responsible Vendor Designation as part of their imposed penalties and fines!

This is ironic because the State takes the Responsible Vendor Designation into consideration as a mitigating factor when imposing the penalties and fines!  Had the licensee only made the investment in becoming a Designated Responsible Vendor up front, they could have potentially saved thousands in penalties and fines.

With trainers who have been in the Marijuana industry since the beginning, including one trainer whose family is in the industry, Sepal Cannabis Consulting and Training is in a unique position to help. With our regular monthly and on-site Sepal Certified training programs, we offer our partners the training and certifications they need at a fraction of the cost of the potential penalties and fines that could be imposed by the State.

Licensees are responsible for making sure all of their employees’ certifications are current. At Sepal, we maintain detailed records for every employee we’ve certified. Our records include not only the employee's name but also the dispensary where they were certified.

With deep roots in the cannabis industry, Sepal cares.  Our goal is to not only watch the marijuana industry grow, but to help it thrive. That’s why we were one of the first MED approved Responsible Vendor training providers in the STATE.      

Our certified Responsible Vendor training program includes:

  • A MED approved Responsible Vendor certification course
  • On-Site Classes
  • Monthly recurring classes
  • Renewal and New employee classes
  • Flexible class schedules
  • Discounted Group pricing

To keep our industry moving forward, don’t wait until you get a violation.  Be proactive. Take the steps necessary to protect your employees and your business. Start working on your Responsible Vendor Designation today!

Getting started is easy. Just click the button below to enroll in our next monthly course.  

Or if you’re a licensee and you are interested in having Sepal Cannabis Consulting and Training certify your employees on-site and at a reduced rate, (a fraction of the cost of a violation) click this link to our Contact Us page and leave us the details.  

We’ll take care of the rest.

"If you think compliance is expensive - try non-compliance."

- Former U.S. Deputy Attorney General Paul McNulty

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